World Cup 2018 – Soccer trivia for kids

It's World Cup time! How much do you know about the beautiful game? Try your luck at these 10 soccer trivia questions and answers. 

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Q1. Where is the World Cup 2018 being held?

Q2. Who won the World Cup in 2014?

Q3. Which team has won the most World Cups?

Q4. Which country won the first World Cup in 1930?

Q5. Which player has scored the most total goals at the World Cup?

Q6. Who is the youngest ever goalscorer at a World Cup?

Q7. Which of these previous World Cup winners did NOT qualify for the 2018 World Cup: Spain, Italy or France?

Q8. How many different countries have won the World Cup?

Q9. Which player was voted best player at the 2014 World Cup: Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?

Q10. Which country will host the 2022 World Cup?

It's the soccer world cup! Try out our quiz and see if you are the ultimate know-it-all!
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