Vegetable Quiz for Kids

How much do you know about your greens? Try out our vegetable quiz and see how many you get right.
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Q1. What was the first vegetable to be grown in space?

Q2. Are green beans a vegetable or a fruit?

Q3. Bell peppers can be green, red, purple and what other colour?

Q4. What % of a cucumber is water?

85%, 90% or 95%?

Q5. The city of Chicago is named after which vegetable?

Q6. The asparagus is part of which family?

The Rose or Lilly family?

Q7. What is the world record for the most brussel sprouts eaten in 60 seconds?

21 or 31?

Q8. What is the most popular vegetable in the US and the UK?

Q9. What musical instrument does the 'fiddlehead' vegetable get it's name from?

Q10. What green vegetable is sometimes referred to as ladies fingers?