Shark Quiz for Kids

Shark quiz questions and answers. If you like these then you might want to check out our animal quizzes

Q1. What's a group of sharks called?

Q2. Sharks can swim backwards: TRUE or FALSE?

Q3. What are baby sharks called?

Q4. What's the biggest shark?

Q5. How many teeth can a shark grow in a lifetime?

a) 5,000
b) 20,000
c) 50,000

Q6. What's the world's fastest shark?

Q7. What's the name of the famous 1975 movie about a shark? 

Q8. What country did the popular song "Baby Shark" come from?

Q9. What size is the dwarf lantern shark?

a) 6 inches
b) 1 meters
c) 6 meters

Q10. How many bones do sharks have?