Shape Quiz for kids

2D shape quiz for kids. Can you name all the shapes? 

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Q1.  What is this shape?shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-square

Q2. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-triangle

Q3. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-hexagon

Q4. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-diamond

Q5. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-pentagon

Q6. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-rectangle

Q7. What is this shape? 

Q8. What is this shape? shape-quiz-for-5-year-olds-circle

2D shape quiz for kids