Reptile Quiz

10 questions and answers all about reptiles. Test you knowledge and see how many you get right!

Q1. Which of these is not one of the main reptile groups?
Lizardilians / Turtles / Crocodilians

Q2. Which continent has no reptiles?

Q3. Which common reptile can detach its tail in self-defence?

Q4. Why do snakes and lizards flick their tongues?

Q5. What are snake's scales made of?

Q6. How many species of reptile are there?

Over 5000 / Over 10,000 / Over 25,000

Q7. Which reptile has the longest lifespan?

Q8. Why do chameleons change colour?

Q9. What's the most venomous snake?

Q10. What's the longest snake species?