Rainforest Quiz for Kids

10 quiz questions and answers all about the rainforests

Q1. What is the name of the world's largest rainforest?

Q2. What's the name of the brightly colored bird known for its long, curved beak found in rainforests?

Q3. What's the name of the small, colorful frogs found in rainforests which are known for their bright warning colors?

Q4. What is the main threat to rainforests today?

Q5. Rainforests are sometimes called the "_________ of the Earth"?
a) bones
b) brain
c) lungs

Q6. Which famous British naturalist and TV presenter is known for exploring rainforests and their wildlife?

Q7. Which slow animal can be found hanging upside down in the rainforest?

Q8. Which tiny insects are known for their ability to carry leaves in a line and are often found in rainforests?

Q9. What gas do rainforests absorb which helps protect the planet?

Q10. What is the largest snake found in the rainforest?