Pumpkin trivia questions

Try out these 10 free quiz questions all about pumpkins. Our pumpkin trivia questions and answers are perfect for Halloween or Fall projects. See how much you know - you might learn some fun facts! Check out our Halloween quizzes for more trivia and fun facts about this spooky celebration.

Q1. What is a pumpkin: Fruit or vegetable?

Q2. Where do pumpkins come from?

Q3. What does the word pumpkin mean?

Q4. What celebration in October uses pumpkins as lanterns?

Q5. There are blue pumpkins. True or false?

Q6.Why are pumpkins used for Halloween?

Q7. What popular dessert is eaten at Thanksgiving in America?

Q8. Do pumpkins grow on trees or on vines?

Q9. What fairytale has a pumpkin that is turned into a carriage?

Q10. Which state grows more pumpkins than any other state in the US?

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