Periodic Table Quiz

Try our periodic table test questions with answers.

Q1. What are 'periods' in the periodic table?

Q2. What is the chemical symbol for Beryllium?

Q3. What metals are found in Group 1 of the periodic table?

Q4. What element is represented by (V) in the periodic table?

Q5. What is is the most abundant element in the universe?

Q6. What has the atomic number 36 and is an inert gas used in some lighting applications and lasers?

Q7. These elements are all in the same group, what is the group called? Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine.

Q8. What element has the symbol (Cu)?

Q9. What is the symbol for the element Manganese?

Q10. How many elements are there on the periodic table?