Old Testament Bible Quiz

Old Testament trivia questions for kids. How will you do on this biblical quiz?

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Q1. What was the first of the ten commandments?

Q2. How many books are there in the Old Testament?

Q3. How does God first appear to Moses?

Q4. What language was the Old Testament first written in?

Hebrew or Greek?

Q5. How many days and nights did Jonah spend inside the whale?

Q6. When Moses and the Israelites are being chased by the Egyptians how does God help them escape?

Q7. How does Daniel survive the lion's den?

Q8. On what day did God create the sun, moon and stars?

Q9. How tall was Goliath: Over 9 feet tall or over 10 feet tall?

Q10. How many plagues did God release on Egypt? 3 or 9?

Old Testament Bible quiz questions and answers | Quizzy Kid
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