India Quiz

Namaste! Have you been to India? Or are you learning about this amazing, diverse country? How much do you know about the land of spices? There is so much to learn about this country full of wonders.

This India quiz has 10 free questions and answers all about India. If you are looking for some more India trivia then we have a quiz pack with 20 questions for you with a question sheet, answer sheet and worksheets you can use in class, in a group or just at home.

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Q1. What continent is India part of?

Q2. What is the capital of India?

Q3. How many states are in India?

Q4. How many languages are there in India?

Q5. How many countries does India share a border with: 5 or 7?

Q6. What currency is used in India?

Q7. What is the national bird of India?

Q8. What is the largest city in India?

Q9. What is the country code of India for making a phone call?

Q10. What famous building in India is made of white marble?

India trivia questions for kids and adults.
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