Harry Potter Quiz for Kids

10 quiz questions all about Harry Potter. If you like this then you might enjoy our TV and Movies quizzes.

Q1. What is the name of Harry Potter's owl?

Q2. Who was Harry's first crush?

Q3. Who does Hermione become with the Polyjuice Potion in Gringotts?

Q4. What's the name of the killing curse?

Q5. What position does Harry play in Quidditch?

Q6. What year was the first Harry Potter book released?

a) 1994 b) 1997 c) 1999

Q7. What's the name of the train station where you can catch the Hogwarts Express?

Q8. What was the name of Harry's mother?

Q9. What spell summons a Patronus?

Q10. What house did Harry Potter almost get put into by the Sorting Hat?