Halloween quiz

Trick or treat! We love Halloween. Being able to get dressed up, eat candy and stay up late is all part of the Halloween fun.

Test out your knowledge of all things Halloween with this our free Halloween quiz. 10 quiz questions that will really test your Halloween knowledge. Perfect for Halloween parties or as a family activity.

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Q1. What are Jack O' Lanterns made out of?

Q2. When is Halloween?

Q3. What do children say on Halloween when they go knocking on people's doors?

Q4. What were Jack O'Lanterns originally made out of?

Q5. Which country did Halloween first come from?

Q6. How heavy was the world's largest pumpkin: 2,624 or 8,36lbs?

Q7. What does Halloween mean?

Q8. What are the two most common colors that represent Halloween?

Q9. What did people used to dress up in before costumes were available?

Q10. What do you put inside the Jack O'lantern for Halloween?

Halloween trivia for kids with answers.
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