The Great Fire of London Quiz

The devastating fire that swept through London is an important part of British history.

Fun fact: The fire influenced the way that houses are built now.

Try out our quiz and see how many facts about the Great Fire of London you know.

Q1. What year did the Great Fire of London happen in?

Q2. Where did the fire start?

Q3. What were houses made of in England in 1666?

Q4. What was the name of the man who accidentally started the fire?

Q5. What does Samuel Pepys have to do with the Great Fire of London?

Q6. What was the name of the road where the fire started?

Q7. Who was the King at the time of the fire?

Q8. How long did the fire last for: 1 day, 4 days or 1 week?

Q9. How many people died in the fire?

Q10. How much of London was destroyed: 20%, 50% or 80%?

Facts about the great fire of London