Easy General Knowledge Quiz: Multiple Choice

Our simple multiple choice general knowledge quiz is perfect for preschoolers and young kids. 10 easy quiz questions with answers.

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Q1. What orange vegetable do rabbits like to eat?

a) Carrots b) Broccoli c) Oranges

Q2. What number comes after 9?

a) 4    b) 8   c) 10

Q3. What language do people speak in Germany?

a) French b) Russian c) German

Q4. What color is a banana?

a) Red b) Yellow c) White

Q5. How many sides does a square have?

a) 2     b) 4     c) 6

Q6. What animal has a really long neck?

a) A giraffe b) A parrot c) A gorilla

Q7. When it's raining what do you need?

a) A parachute b) A teapot c) An umbrella

Q8. What shines at night when the sun has gone?

a) The moon b) A cloud c) A cookie

Q9.What sea creature has 8 legs?

a) An octopus b) A dolphin c) A crocodile

Q10. What time of day do we have breakfast?

a) In the afternoon b) In the evening c) In the morning

Easy multiple choice general knowledge quiz