Costa Rica fun facts Quiz

Pura Vida! (In Costa Rica you'll hear people say this all the time. It means lots of different things, including 'hello', goodbye', 'you're welcome' and 'no worries'. The literal meaning is "pure life" and it's a whole way of life in Costa Rica).

So just how many fun facts about Costa Rica do you know? We've got 10 free quiz questions and answers here and if you want even more then download our quiz pack. It comes with 20 quiz questions and worksheets for you to use in class/church/home/anywhere! Enjoy.

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Q1. What continent is Costa Rica in?

Q2. What is the capital of Costa Rica?

Q3. What language do they speak in Costa Rica?

Q4. How big is Costa Rica: 10,000 square miles or 20,000 square miles?

Q5. What is the religion of Costa Rica?

Q6. What is the population of Costa Rica: 4 million or 6 million?

Q7. Costa Rica has an army: True or False?

Q8. When is Costa Rica's independence day??

Q9. What do the words "Costa Rica" mean?

Q10. What is the currency called in Costa Rica?

These Costa Rica facts for kids will really challenge you! How well do you know this beautiful country? Have a go at the quiz questions and see how well you do.
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