Fast Food quiz

What fast food trivia do you know? See how well you do in our fast food quiz.

Q1. What is the most commonly served item on fast food menus worldwide?

Q2. What fast-food chain introduced the concept of the drive-thru window?

Q3. Which fast-food chain is known for its "Crisscut Fries," which are thick-cut and seasoned fries?

Q4. Name the original founders of McDonalds

Q5. What fast food is traditionally eaten in Japan on Christmas Day?

Q6. What's the world's largest and most well-known pizza chain? 

Q7. Which popular fast food chain used this phrase in its advertising: "Eat Mor Chikin" 

Q8. What US State was Burger King founded in?

Q9. What's the name of the large purple character used as McDonald's mascot?

Q10. How many herbs and spices are in the secret KFC recipe?