Easy General Knowledge Quiz

These easy general knowledge questions and answers are perfect for younger kids. (We're thinking of the 5-7 year olds). Try your hand at it and see what you think. If you get all the answers right then why not try some of our other children's quiz questions?

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Q1. What country has a capital city called London?

Q2. What do you call a baby cat?

Q3. What musical instrument has black and white keys?

Q4. Which dinosaur was very big but had very short arms?

Q5. Which movie is Woody the cowboy in?

Q6. What is the first color of a rainbow?

Q7. In what month do we celebrate Christmas?

Q8. Finish the song "Twinkle, twinkle, little _____"

Q9. Which sport do you kick a ball into a goal?

Q10. What is the capital city of the USA?

Easy general knowledge questions and answers | Quizzy Kid
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