Easter Trivia multiple choice Quiz

This Easter quiz has multiple choice questions. How many will you get right?

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Q1. When is Easter celebrated?

a) 1st April

b) 26th March

c) the date changes every year

Q2. What is the most popular Easter activity?

a) Visiting family and friends

b) Going to church

c) Cooking a holiday meal

Q3. Where did the idea of the Easter bunny come from?

a) USA

b) France

c) Germany

Q4. How many chocolate Easter bunnies are made for easter?

a) 1 million

b) 90 million

c) 53 million

Q5. How many jellybeans do Americans eat at Easter?

a) 10 million

b) 1 million

c) over 16 million

Q6. In what country is it traditional to eat hot cross buns at Easter?

a) China

b) Brazil

c) The UK

Q7. Which part of a chocolate bunny do most people eat first?

a) The ears

b) The feet

c) The tail

Q8. What season is Easter celebrated in the USA?

a) Winter

b) Summer

c) Spring

Q9. What is the most popular color for Peeps?

a) Red

b) Green

c) Yellow

Q10. The New York Easter Parade takes place on which famous street?

a) 2nd Avenue

b) 5th Avenue

c) 7th Avenue

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