Easter Bible trivia Questions

A biblical Easter quiz for youth, kids or anyone who wants to test their Easter knowledge. If you want to try another Easter quiz then check out our Easter multiple choice quiz.

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Q1. What do we call the day that Jesus died?

Q2. How did Jesus die?

Q3. What do we call the week leading up to Easter?

Q4. What do people do at lent?

Q5. The first Easter eggs were dyed red to remember Jesus on the cross. True or False?

Q6. Who did Jesus first appear too when he was resurrected?

Q7. How many days after his death did Jesus rise again?

Q8. Where was Jesus's body placed after he died?

Q9. What is the name of the prisoner who was released instead of Jesus?

Q10. What did people wave as they welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem?

10 FREE quiz questions about the Easter story. Perfect for Sunday school, Church youth groups, or just to use at home. Enjoy!