Bible Quiz Deuteronomy

Are you studying the book of Deuteronomy? If you want to delve deeper into this fascinating book of the Bible then try out our quiz! The Deuteronomy quiz will test out how much you really know about this book.

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Q1. Who wrote the book of Deuteronomy?

Q2. Which part of the Bible is Deuteronomy in: New Testament or Old Testament?

Q3. What was the name of the land where Moses died?

Q4. Which book in the Bible is Deuteronomy: the Fifth or the Sixth?

Q5. What does the word Deuteronomy mean literally?

Q6. Who did Moses appoint as the new leader of the Israelites?

Q7. How old was Moses when he died?

Q8. When would slaves be set free: every 7 years or every 10 years?

Q9. How many chapters are there in the book of Deuteronomy?

Q10. Who was the last giant (Rephaim)?

Are you studying the book of Deuteronomy in your home group or youth group? Use this quiz to test your knowledge.
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