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The Quizzy Kid team has personal experience of home learning as we have been home educating in our families for a few years now. (In fact, you can read a more personal post about how we homeschool without freaking out here!).

This is a difficult time for everyone and we wanted to share our resources with you so that in addition to our quizzes, you have some ideas on what might work for your children.

Please be aware that within the home ed community we all educate our kids differently and what fits one child may not fit another, for this reason you will likely find that some resources will work really well with your child and others may not. We all learn differently so part of the solution is discovering your child’s learning style.

Ideas for activities at home:

  • Scavenger hunt. Draw up a list of things that your kids can find around the house. For example, something green, a toy, something you can eat, something in your bedroom, something round…. If you have multiple children then this could be a race or they could work in teams to gather items as quickly as possible.
    Older buy klonopin online without a prescription usa pharmacy Kids tip: If you have older children then ask them to take a photo of each item as they find it.

  • Exercise video. Talk to your children about how people will be more limited in their physical activity as we all have to stay home. Ask them to create an exercise video using a phone/tablet/camera that can be used for other children to stay active at home.
    Older Kids tip: Make an exercise video for the over 60s. Think about selecting and demonstrating activities that will be accessible and achievable to older people.

  • Tangrams. Get a square of paper and cut it up into different shapes. Ask your children what they can make out of the different shapes – allow their creativity to flow. It’s amazing to see what animals and objects they will find!
    Older Kids tip: Ask them to put the shapes back into a square!

  • Act it out. Ask your children to act out a scene from one of their favourite books. Ask them to practice and find clothes/accessories from their home wardrobe which will help it to come to life. Then once they’ve practised they can perform the scene to you/any other family members in the house (or if you want to share it with other family then do a video call of the performance. Kids love an audience)
    Older Kids tip: Ask your children to write a script of a scenario and act it out. You could give them some ideas for example, ‘a family day out goes wrong’ or ‘my birthday party was ruined by the dog’.

  • Junk modelling. Give your child the cardboard/plastic/materials that you would usually put out in the recycling. They’ll also need some tape and maybe some glue. Ask them to make a creation. The sky’s the limit!
    Older Kids tip: Set a theme, for example, ‘Make a robot’ or ‘Recreate your bedroom’.

  • Currency design: Ask your child to design new currency for your country. They will need paper, card, pens/pencils.
    Older Kids tip: Ask your child to think about what is usually on notes and coins. Think about the people who can be found on your currency. Get them to consider which person/people they would put on the notes and coins they design and explain why.

  • Paper planes. Either show your child how to make a paper plane or find a good video (this one is pretty good). Once they’ve created it, ask them to decorate it. Then you can see if they can have a competition to see how far it can fly. (If you have an only child then see if they can through it further each time)
    Older Kids tip: Ask them to make a variety of different planes. See what designs make for a faster plane. If they need some inspiration then a video like this one will help.

Online Resources

We use a lot of online resources to help in home education. These sites have been very helpful with our own children (we will specify if there is a cost involved. Please note, we are not making any money by sharing these with you. We’re just sharing things that have worked for us)

  • Khan academy. Free lessons and interactive resources on all sorts of subjects. We used it for Math and English but you can find ALL sorts here.
  • Art for Kids Hub. This is a free YouTube channel. The presenter has his kids join him in most of his videos so that kids can see different ways the pictures can look. He does really cool videos of how to draw characters that kids love (eg, Spiderman, Shopkins, Star Wars etc)
  • Doodle Maths. This is a paid app which we found was worth the money. It’s around $5 a month. We used the app from age 5 – 12. The app gives your child daily math activities which are matched to their ability. Your child also earns coins which they can spend on accessories for their pet in the app. It is a fun and easy to use app for a wide range of ages.
  • Code Kingdom. This app costs around $10/month (or cheaper if you purchase annually. If you have a Minecraft/Roblox fan in your family then this app is perfect. Your child can create Minecraft/Roblox worlds and learn coding at the same time. The set up is fairly easy to understand, the videos are really good and best of all the children get to play in their own Minecraft/Roblox created worlds.
  • BBC Bitesize The BBC Bitesize website is full of ideas and resources for children of all ages. There is so much to explore. We loved using their typing tool. And also found some great resources for learning about mental health and learning disabilities.
  • Duolingo The Duolingo app is free and makes language learning simple and fun. We love how it breaks down languages into categories and teaches useful phrases. We mainly used it for learning Spanish but there are heaps of different languages available.
  • KomaKoma We had this app on the iPad and there is a free ‘lite’ version or a paid version. It allows children to create stop motion movies. It is really, really simple to use. Children take photos with their device and then move the scene as they wish. We found that this was a super fun app that was very child-friendly.

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