About us

Quizzy Kid – Fun trivia for kids

The Quizzy Kid team wanted to create a website where kids, parents, youth group leaders, church leaders, teachers and quiz enthusiasts could find simple, fun quizzes for kids. There are loads of resources online to find questions and answers for adults but somebody, think of the children! 

As parents ourselves we saw that it was hard to find good, fun trivia questions for kids on the big ol’ interweb and so we decided to create Quizzy Kid.

We really think trivia questions are both educational and super fun!

They can be used for learning, entertainment, at parties or even just as a boredom buster!

No children should be left out so we have tried to create quiz questions for 5 year olds, 10 year olds, tweens, teens, even toddlers. (PS – Grown ups don’t worry, we have a Big Kids section just for you. We know you love quizzes too!) 

So if you’re looking for easy trivia questions for kids, Bible trivia for kids or a printable Christmas quiz then you’re in the right place. Quizzy Kid wants to cover all sorts of topics that you are interested in so if you have a suggestion for a children’s quiz then send us a message on our Contact Us page.

We’d love to hear from you!